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Slag for sandblasting Grit.Az

Video comparison of granulated slag and sand for anticorrosion cleaning

Abrasive Products

Granulated slags, slag for sandblasting

Our company produces and sells granular slags for high-quality sandblasting, which are used for any type of surface treatment.

Abrasive powders for sandblasting are widely used in various fields.

shipbuilding and ship repair, oil and gas industry, industrial construction and metallurgy. Using slags, it is possible to carry out high-quality processing for various types of surfaces that provide effective protection of the object against corrosion.

A wide dealer network, as well as the presence of our own warehouses in all regions of Russia and the CIS countries, allows our customers to purchase gravel slag for sandblasting machines at the best prices without delay. Efficient transportation (within 1 day) and online tracking of the entire cargo route by qualified specialists will help save time and money.


The degree of preparation of the surface cleaned with abrasive

* The photographs are an example and cannot be used as standards in assessing the degree of surface preparation.

Light sandblasting

Deep sandblasting

Super-deep sandblasting

Sandblasting to visually clean steel

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